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But whatever may be the case, sex can become a bore after a while, unless you innovate.

[Read: How to bring sexy back] What exactly is sexual role play?

It’s at times like these when sexual role play and costumes can save your bedroom woes, and help you reignite the passion in the sack.

Sexual role play for beginners When you’re ready to take sex to the next level, sexual role playing can be the perfect way to heighten your pleasure.

You could be the ‘doctor’ while your partner could be the ‘patient’, or just about any different scenario that arouses you. Most of the time, sex just happens without any preparation or planning.

Someone decides to get horny, and habit and repetition has taught us enough to know how it’s supposed to feel.

But once you’re comfortable with the act of sexual role play and costumes, sex can become as exciting as your first night together, because, literally speaking, the person you’re having sex with is, a totally different character!

She started dating racing driver Lewis Hamilton in 2008 and they split in 2010 before reuniting, only to split again in 2015.

Than she was dating tennis star Grigor Dimitrov, despite the 13-year age gap, the couple have been together for almost two years and generally keep their romance on the down low.

Sexual role playing only gets more interesting with every passing night of sex, and not only will it ignite your sexual fantasies, it’ll morph both of you into cute horny bunnies!

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