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But now, we would rather go through the Facebook page of a person first and only then decide to meet with him/her or not.Technology and social networks have a pretty great influence on society and the majority of world’s population cannot imagine life without it.The world has changed to a great extend during past 20 years.Previously, it was ok to get acquainted with someone in the street, shop, café, etc.The "matches" never changed, there were never any new ones added, my "profile" was never viewed, and the few messages I tried to send were not noted on my "homepage"., nor were they replied to.It's as if I paid my money into some basement business with a website. I've been on the site a week and could pretty much write the exact same review already.

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On trying to remove myself from "auto renewal" (we all know about this one, and how they can hide this), there is nowhere to do this. Immediately had one photo request before I paid money and now that I've uploaded the photo and paid money there's been no response on the email I sent to the one match asking for my photo, as if it's a made up profile. COMPLETE WAST OF TIME, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, HARD EARNED MONEY!!!Dating websites were designed to simplify communication and bring people closer.Look around and see how many people have started the relationships with their beloved ones via free online dating websites.You have to delete your membership, which I did...hopefully. I live in the Capital Region of New York 1 hour north of Albany. 80% of the matches were from CANADA...the rest coming in from New York City/Jew Jersey. I asked him if you don't have a customer base in my area, then you shouldn't have taken my money. LISA N I joined and actually was kicked off when I questioned their honesty.His only answer was that I should "relax some of the criteria which you are willing to compromise on." They refuse to refund any part of the is lost. The pictures never matched the profiles even which was what I asked about.

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