Dating a guy with crooked teeth

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However, they were clean, which was the most important thing. After a day of knowing him, though, I didn't notice it anymore.Stained is understandable, especially in your situation, OP. I've seen mouths (male and female), though, that looked as if someone took a handful of teeth and just threw them in there haphazardly. It's never too late to do something about it; I've seen 50 year olds with braces. Fresh minty breath can make up for a lot of other problems, and flossing is a big plus.

I have extensive staining due to dental fluorosis (took way too many of those little fluoride tablets as a child).

I've had porcelain and resin veneers put on my front teeth, but that wasn't done until I was in the tenth grade--I spent a good chunk of my junior high and high school years walking around with badly stained and splotched teeth.

Having lived through that, I don't judge people based on their teeth.

Whenever I see polls about what girls look for in a guy, I always see a large portion of women answering that teeth are important.

This alarms me because...well, I don't exactly have the best teeth.

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