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Kenya’s rebels — today hailed as freedom fighters against a repressive colonial British administration — had claimed four more victims in their fight for independence.It was late January 1953 — 58 years ago — when the Ruck family died their terrible deaths, just a few months into the eight-year state of emergency in which police, aided by several battalions of British soldiers, battled an elusive underground army of insurgents.Anyone who sided with the British — and there were many in what was, in part, a civil war between rival African factions — was subjected to savagery every bit as bad and often much worse than the British now stand accused of.Recruitment to the Mau Mau began with bloodshed as whole villages were forced to take an oath of allegiance.The same fate was meted out to one of the family’s African servants, who ran out to help them. The raiders rampaged through the house, looting its contents, then stormed upstairs.

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Thousands of Kenyans died in the guerrilla fighting.Much of this will be recounted, to our horror, as the case proceeds.Yesterday, the Mail reported how a pensioner from Putney in South London appears to be the only living individual accused of human rights abuses relating to the Mau Mau uprising.Often goats were sacrificed and disembowelled as part of the process.Preying on the Kikuyu people’s religious superstitions in this way instilled dread.

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