Dating during catholic annulment

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Before a petition can be considered there must first be proof that there is no longer any hope of reconciliation between the parties.A civil Declaration of Divorce would provide such proof.The annulment process is a detailed investigation to see whether or not a Sacramental Marriage took place.

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He will give you the Petitioner Information Form and assist you.Many circumstances can undermine a person’s ability to freely give oneself in the Sacrament of Marriage.Extreme youth, familial pressure, mental illness, addiction, serious personality disorders and many other circumstances and conditions can lead to a situation in which while the marriage ritual was performed, the Sacrament did not take place.It is the Petitioner who has the responsibility of eliciting the necessary cooperation of all parties.For this reason we need the input of relatives, friends of each party who knew them during the time of the courtship, as well as the best man, maid of honor and those invited to the wedding reception, the bridal shower or bachelor party.

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