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The most popular one is audit, which attracts about 35% of graduating FMPs worldwide.They join the “Corporate Audit Staff,” or CAS, and then rotate every 4 months all over the world, with all expenses paid for by GE.Just like how investment banking lets you move into many other roles, becoming a GE FMP also opens doors – but they’re different, and sometimes less lucrative, doors.Here’s a rough breakout: Around 80% of FMP graduates actually stay at GE and take on various finance–related roles.Plus, GE pays for your apartment and your flights when you’re doing a rotation abroad – so you could spend your salary on bottles, or wine tastings if you’re doing a rotation in Paris.Benefit #3: Exit Opportunities: Got Upward Mobility?These sound good on paper, but they tend to get boring since a lot of the work consists of consolidating data for 10 divisions – interesting to do once, but repetitive the 10th time around.

So if you ever wanted to “travel” or work in different countries for short periods without taking painful flights back and forth every week, this is perfect.“Industry groups” such as healthcare and oil & gas tend to be in more remote locations.Moving every 6 months makes it tough to have a romantic life, but if you’re young and really want to live in new places it could be a great experience anyway.I actually graduated from the program and then left GE to start my own business, so I want to give you a realistic, non-sugar-coated version of what you do, what a “rotational program” in corporate finance means, and just how lucrative / prestigious it is.Plus, we’ll take a look at how it compares to IB roles and answer the #1 question on your mind: is there any reason to forget about IB and become an FMP instead?

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