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This site is one of the very few responsible and well run dating sites. There is plenty of pretty women and I am sure my match is already here :) I hope I won't get disappointed Met my wife on We've been inseparable since our meet up at a local book store. Im messaging you on your whatsapp and havent receive any reply! I see that our finance department has already issued you a refund, please check your inbox for an email from 23rd of January. Wasn't sure about online dating have done it in the past and it was bad but you have save services.

I don't really understand guys who register on the site and expect to find their perfect match in a day.

I have been using it for a while and I to me it is not a scam. Subscription account id 310401699780 I already deleted my account from ur site 2 months ago and ur site is still charging me monthly subscription 2 months in a row.. A certain anna from ur whatsapp told me that after that my account was deleted i wont be charge anymore so how come that u still take money from me which i was about to use to more important things than ur stupid app!

Actually, one day I got suspicious so I warned the customer service they checked her out and the day after she was gone ! Your site emailed me 23rd of January stating you requested already a refund in your finance department, feb 1 is almost done and i havent got a single centavo refund... my subscription account id 310401699780 Hello Michelle! We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

It is definitely for a crowd that is more serious about finding a lasting partner.

Download Match (i OS, Android) Down is an app that just, basically, shows you who wants to "get down" with you.

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