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It is a place where rivers flow sometimes above and sometimes below the surface due to the porous limestone.The town of Windsor was established in recent times when Kaiser Aluminum transplanted the people from Saint Ann Parish to Windsor in Trelawny Parish. The term “great house” is only meant for the “big” house of sugar plantations. Cattle operations were very important, because cattle were a vital aspect of a sugar estate.The house is constructed of square-cut stone that have been coated with stucco and painted the color of yellow ocher. A porch extends out from the second floor front door and is reached by a sweeping stone stairway.The first floor, as required by law at the time, was built as a fort with numerous gun ports in the ground floor walls.

William James Donald-Hill moved to Jamaica from Scotland in approximately 1892 and purchased Windsor for the first time in about 1892.

The flattest land and land closest to the port of Falmouth was planted in cane.

The more rugged terrain and areas furthest from the port were used for pens, due to the mobility of the cattle. After John Tharp’s death, William Tharp, his nephew arrived in Jamaica in 1828 and stayed ten years.

He sold it in the late 1800’s and moved back to Scotland.

After a few winters in cold Scotland, he moved his family back to Jamaica and purchased Windsor Pen again in the early 1900’s and his family lived in the house until about 1947 when the pen was sold to Miriam Rothschild who carried out extensive renovations to the house and subsequently sold it to Kaiser Aluminum who subdivided it for the transplanted farmers from Saint Ann Parish.

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