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We really, really appreciate your patience and continued support, and look forward to bringing you the best game we possibly can in February 2017.A lot of people said it before Colin and it was reported before he ever said anything about it.I tend to wait three-six months before buying ANY game regardless of Developer.Often within three months almost all games are -40$ cheaper to begin with, and most bugs tend to be fixed or tweaked within three-six months also.People who get mad cuz a game gets delayed, its your own fault. Todays standard in gaming is to announce a games release date, then delay it, usually more than once, before it finally does come out. A lot people not happy about the delays of games that’s too bad it’s part of the gaming industry. I would rather wait a few extra months and end up with something incredible.And besides this one game can’t be the reason why you bought a PS4 & if it is you better start learning about other great games. As unfortunate as it may be late 2016 is shaping up to have a treasure trove of releases so perhaps Feb ’17 is a better release date.i’m not mad it’s too many games coming this holiday i got star ocean coming this month, finishing up my ratchet and clank play through and then final fantasy coming in september trust me i’m good on games.

I do not pre-pruchase OR buy anything on “Day One” any longer.

I always saw the “2016” as a tentative thing and didn’t hold them to any date.

Any players that bought a PS4 just for this game in “2016” will still be able to play the game “2017”.

Whats really a surprise is that people still be surprised games get delayed.

Every one should expect every game to be delayed for now on. you really think studios arent going to take advantage of any type of news and hype they can get, and then when the hype/news dies down they need to do something to bring that hype back up. please take the time you need to make the game as amazing as you can.

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