Define courting and dating

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Nevertheless Calvinism teaches that man has no choice with respect to salvation.

God controls who will and who will not go to heaven.

Thus this teaching promotes what some say is an extreme view of God’s Sovereignty.

A summary of Sovereign Grace’s teaching is summarized in one message on their web site: Now here is where I see a contradiction.

One well known Christian author, Dave Hunt, has a book titled “What Love Is This? How could a God we portray as having a father heart not at least afford all individuals an opportunity to be saved? A summary of the points are: whether Joshua Harris is a part of this courtship/betrothal movement he is critiquing in his book.

Note: I do not hold to or promote a Calvinistic viewpoint though I don’t consider myself to be what is the opposite of the spectrum, an Arminian. Though Phillips doesn’t seem to think Harris is, Phillips does state that “people might be inadvertently sucked into the wider courtship movement through Harris’ writings as a result of the semantic similarity.” Phillips also states “does present some disturbing parallels with the courtship movement, particularly in his emphasis on reaching a quality of character correctness before one is ready for marriage, and his rather mechanical approach to the operation of human emotions.” Overall a good book with quite an analysis of what is driving some groups to push toward courtship.

Put another way God provides an “irresistible grace” to some and those he gives this to are assured of being saved.

I am not downplaying the benefits of and that one should bring up a child in proper God fearing environment. On a side note, I am always curious if leaders who promote Calvinism are willing to admit that God may children. These issues and others are discussed in the following online book written by Robin Phillips.What about those that don’t get this “irresistible grace?” They have no chance of salvation according to Reformed Theology.This is what Sovereign Grace Ministries started promoting early in their church history (1978).With this approach, singles are encouraged to do things in groups vs.

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