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And although many descriptions of the requirements for status seem quite out of our reach, there are many passages where Confucius labels a contemporary, or one of his disciples a “noble man,” intending a complement. One might want to compare the term “noble man” to the Buddhist , in that both are the models for the tradition, both indicate a very high stage of human development as technical terms, yet both may be used colloquially to refer to a “really good person.” [1-2] 有子曰。其爲人也孝弟、而好犯上者、鮮矣。不好犯上、而好作亂者、未之有也。君子務本、本立而道生。孝弟也者、其爲仁之本與。 You Zi said: “There are few who have developed themselves filially and fraternally who enjoy offending their superiors.

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This is a word that also has a wide range of meaning in Classical Chinese thought, and is difficult to translate in a single word.

In my interactions with friends, have I been untrustworthy? ” [1-5] 子曰。道千乘之國、敬事而信、節用而愛人。使民以時。 The Master said: “If you would govern a state of a thousand chariots (a small-to-middle-size state), you must pay strict attention to business, be true to your word, be economical in expenditure and love the people.

You should employ them [appropriately] according to the seasons.” [] “Usage of the people according to the seasons” is extremely important in an agriculture-based society, where planting, cultivating, or harvesting a certain crop during a certain few-day period can be critical.

When your father is dead observe his former actions.

If, for three years you do not change from the ways of your father, you can be called a ‘real son’ (, which means to love, respect and take care of one's parents.

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