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Such comparisons are giving new insight into the causes of mental illness.

Every day, on average, another 431 British women start taking the contraceptive pill.

What sort of person can invent a 3-D microscope, a new way of photographing the moon, publish fifty papers on perception, and spend three weeks hunting for a minute sea creature to see how its eyes work?

Cambridge psychologist Richard Gregory is a man of many facets.

The famous domes of Buckminster Fuller have covered more square feet of the earth's surface than any other structure.

I'm not a dome salesman, I'm an explorer in structures.

Arthur Clarke discusses some of the problems most likely to demand scientific attention, and. Tonight we meet a few of the amateurs who are participating; they include a radio astronomer, a microscopist, a palaeoanthropologist, and a Scottish Minister of the Church who is a world expert on computing the position of comets The programme is introduced by C. Stong the writer of the monthly column on amateur science in the Scientific American Today we accept the idea that science must play an important role in society.

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Twenty-five miles from New York City in acres of parkland stand the squat main laboratory buildings of the Bell Telephone System.Do we yet know enough to assess the risks we are taking? Frank Fraser Darling Vice-President of the Conservation Foundation, Dr.Eric Edson Research director of a leading pesticide company. Director of research of a large chemical company, Robert Boote of the Nature Conservancy, John Maynard Smith a zoologist of University College, London, Editorial adviser, Gerald Leach.The second lecture is given by George Porter born 1920 Professor of Chemistry, Sheffield University Horizon interviews physicists on their theories of the structure of matter. Medawar, and some of the 550 men and women who breathe the air of science.Richard Feynman, Murray Gell-Mann, Yuval Ne'eman and Nicholas Samios explain their current understanding of the Omega-minus particle (Omega baryon)."Facts are the air of science," declared the famous Russian physiologist Pavlov. Horizon went to the biggest laboratory of its kind in the Commonwealth, the National Institute for Medical Research, to meet the Director of the laboratory, Dr. The output of scientific knowledge doubles every thirty years.

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