Hong kond dating airforce dating airforce romances

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After the invasion of Poland and fall of France, German forces had overrun much of Western Europe and were racing towards Moscow.

Although still officially neutral, the United States was actively supporting Britain, the British Commonwealth and the Soviet Union in their war against Germany through Lend-Lease and other programs.

On 7 December 1941 (Honolulu time), Japan suddenly launched a broad offensive across the Pacific and Southeast Asia including attacking the U. naval base at Pearl Harbor and American-ruled Philippines, and invading Thailand and invading British Malaya.

The headquarters was situated in the former Supreme Court Building.Tens of thousands of people became homeless and helpless, and many of them were employed in shipbuilding and construction.In the agricultural field, the Imperial Japanese took over the race track at Fanling and the air strip at Kam Tin for their rice-growing experiments.Later, the yen was made the sole legal tender for official purposes in June 1943.Prices of commodities for sale had to be marked in yen.

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