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Start by talking to Brother Omad at the monastery south of Ardougne. Leave the monastery and head directly north, he is located south of the fence that holds camels.

He wants you to retrieve a child's blanket, which can be found in a secret cave that is hidden under a ring of stones in the forest south of Ardougne. Just north-east of the Gnome Battlefield (just south of the Clock Tower), there is a perfect circle of grey stones. He's very drunk and needs a jug of water to sober up.

To facilitate your “splitting” from a given location, Split also has “danger zone” pointers that show you locations where your least favorite people often go, and you can find out whom they hang out with.

It’s all about “avoiding unwanted encounters,” but it sure sounds like a lot of work when you can simply duck into a restroom or under the table—like the good ol’ days.

Split goes one step further by offering alternate routes in avoiding whomever you don’t want to see.

For the maximum effect, your friends should be active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare.

The trio, all from Hull, went fishing in Thailand last year as a retirement holiday and had booked a return this April.

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The app serves up a list of the least crowded places in Austin (where it’s exclusively available now, but other cities should be coming) in four categories: nightlife, food, coffee and refuge with a color-coded reference (green, yellow, red) letting you know if your imminent destination is safe.Still, Cloak’s functionality and success (it has already been downloaded 300,000 times) depends on the incessant sharing culture of traditional social media, so is it really antisocial at all? Split TIME writer Laura Stampler says apps like Split are “making you a worse person,” but nonetheless, that’s not stunting their popularity.The Split app lets you choose your least-desirable Facebook friends and categorize them in lists so that the app will beep a warning when one is getting close.Receive updates on the store or market where you want to shop like “calm,” “not too busy,” “busy,” “very busy” and “forget it.” It’s not so much anti-social as it is just being smart with your time, but unfortunately Avoid the Shopping Crowds is only available in a few districts of the Netherlands. Pulling geo-data from Instagram and Foursquare accounts (and just recently added, Facebook and Twitter), Cloak users can anonymously check out which street their college professors, exes and obnoxious coworkers are on so they can head the opposite direction.It even sends push notifications warning who is near.

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