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Amande wields a nodachi named Shirauo, taking advantage of its length to cut through giant targets easier. It features a curved, broad blade designed mainly for chopping, with the end of the blade consisting of two angles connected by a straight or slightly curved edge.

The swords used by both Johnny and Yosaku greatly resemble dadao.

Swords are a very commonly used weapon in the world of One Piece.

Many people wield swords, but there are those who train hard, and learn to use swords exceptionally well. A sword's blade serves its primary function, most are designed for cutting, blocking other bladed weapons or thrusting, although not all swords rely on being able to cut a wound to be lethal, a few are also designed with small indents in them to help fight other melee weapons.

This Nodachi sword is made of 1095 high carbon steel with a polished mirror-like surface.

Issho wields a shikomizue that doubles as a walking stick for him, and like Brook, he tends to channel his Devil Fruit powers through it — in his case, gravitation forces.

is a type of sword with a single edge blade with a large hand guard.

Its blade is usually (but not always) curved of variable length.

In this section you will also find the Japanese great swords.

The Odachi "Large Sword" and the Nodachi "Field Sword".

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