Over 70s dating site

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No major interstates run in or near Logansport and the city is surround by farmland and some low rolling hills.See more » How can a four year old remember the pilot episode of a show? Groundbreaking at the time, it actually featured a divorced mother with her two kids.See full summary » This sitcom follows recently divorced mother (Ann Romano) and her two teenage daughters (Barbara and Julie) as they start a new life together in Indianapolis, They are befriended by the building superintendent (Dwayne Schneider), who treats them like family.

' The second thing is, to all the women who have been used, abused, dicked over, dumped, cheated on, and stolen from: 'Who wouldn't want a successful, smart, wonderful man who worshipped the ground you walked on? She wasn't being asked anymore to, say, sit with the queen in the royal box during a polo match.

Very topical, and sedate by today's standards, this show was a huge hit.

Of all the people on this show who would have thought Valerie Bertenelli would have the biggest career? Totally watched during the seventies but everyone pretty much was over it by the early eighties.

She told him so, and he was charmed that this tiny blonde, animated as an exclamation point, would stand up to him.

Two years passed before they got together; Randall's wife of many decades had died, and he was very much alone.

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