Pivot table not updating 2016

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Nelson In many circumstances, the data in your Excel list changes and grows over time.

However, one draw-back can be that you can only refresh the Pivot Tables automatically by setting it refresh on open via the Pivot Table Options.

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If the data of the source sheet has been changed, Libre Office recalculates the pivot table.

pivot table not updating 2016-90

pivot table not updating 2016-9

pivot table not updating 2016-41

pivot table not updating 2016-31

Lets look at some ways we can refresh all, or chosen Pivot Tables.

Here is the same table with an additional week’s worth of course attendance data added.

Refreshing the pivot table will not pull in the extra days data as the data range is still fixed.

It’s, hands down, my greatest aggravation with Excel. However, Excel for the Mac has an additional bug that renders any pivot chart created on a PC that includes a report filter utterly useless.

You can the options in the drop-down filter and even select them.

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