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We hope to have all of the written reports posted to our website this afternoon, although our webmaster and his wife, who live in the Montecito area of Santa Barbara, California, are under alert to have to abandon their house, if the fires there get closer to them, so it may be a while before we can post all of the reports weve received, to date, that pertain to the sightings on the night of December 09th.

However, we would like to encourage everyone who may have witnessed those clusters of lights to prepare a detailed statement about their sighting(s), and submit it, using the Online Report Form on our website,

Given the high volume of prank telephone calls we are receiving over our telephone Hotline, we suspect that some of the written reports we have posted may be attempts to hoax anyone who reads them, so we urge visitors to our website to be discriminating when they read those posted sighting reports.

On, or about, August 26th, 2017, our Center began receiving a substantial volume of prank telephone calls over its Hotline, sometimes hundreds per day, principally from rude, inconsiderate, and often foul-mouthed young callers.

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Download his paper Articles for Further Reading: Business Week Lockheed University of Washington Wired Magazine Shawn Herman We always caution visitors to our website to be on the alert for flaws and pranks among the newly posted reports, and that warning may be particularly pertinent this week, given the large volume of sighting reports we have had to proof-read over the past week.Our initial reaction to the reports was that they addressed a very unusual event, possibly UFO-related, although the U. Air Force has asserted that the sightings were of a flight of military aircraft involved in a large-scale nighttime training operation.However, given what we continue to believe are facts that, on the face of them, appear to contravene the Air Force explanation, we intend to continue both collecting reports, and investigating some of the peculiar aspects of the large-scale event.Witness Report Laurel, Montana, Saturday, December 09, 2017 @ p.m.(Mountain): Three family members report having witnessed an estimated twenty red lights in a linear formation across the night sky.

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