Recovering addicts dating each other

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Yet many of them are not able to have full, satisfying, close relationships.

Marriages break up, families split - or worse, they stay together, living side-by-side without really connecting with each other.

Their fear keeps them from sharing with each other at a deep level.

This approach never works because it only creates the illusion of intimacy which soon fades, leaving the partners feeling frustrated and deprived.

This ability to be vulnerable toward each other is the essence of intimacy.

Of course, even in intimate relationships that work well, there are times of much closeness and vulnerability, and times of more distance. Progresses Through Layers We can conceive of intimacy as the ongoing process of letting another person know and share more personal things about oneself. People whom one sees from time to time, in either causal or structured settings, will be allowed in to this layer.

Many recovering people have trouble with relationships.

First, few of us grew up in emotionally healthy families where we could learn how closeness works.

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