Scott speedman dating history

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For me, that's kind of what was interesting about it.

As I said, I was really ready to take on that leadership role as an actor, so that was easy for me to jump into.

There's a 20 year old, there's a 25 year old, there's a 30 year old, and Shawn is my age.

It's been really fun to sit down with these guys just to hear where they're at.

I don't really try to give out advice, to be honest. I remember [in my life] each significant place where they're at now. What's interesting about it is they hire these four sort of quote-unquote "tough guys," but the minute she comes on set, we all melt.

HB: Ellen Barkin is such a force of nature on the show. We're all these tough guys but we're all these sensitive little "momma's boys" on the show HB: You've been in the industry for 20 years and you've worked in TV for a lot of that time.

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Neglected by his own parents, Baz took over as big brother after Smurf's eldest son went to jail and is now raising his own family with girlfriend Catherine.

I get a little tighter when I have to play the perfect Captain American-type of dude.

I think in terms of an audience's perception I think maybe that's the leap they had to take. SS: That's for sure, and especially in today's TV world, when you are taking on a TV series that is a 10-episode sort of cable-driven TV series, you know it's going to head in that direction.

It was the potential of the character more than anything.

HB: You're known for pretty straightforward hero-type roles.

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