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The value of these old single barrels will depend on their condition, the amount of original finish remaining on the metal and wood as well as the mechanical condition.

A prime condition example (very rare) that appears to have come out of the factory yesterday afternoon might bring as much as 5 while a worn out ,rusty metal, rotten or broken wood and missing parts piece of junk fit only for parts salvage or as a tent stake might bring as little as . The guns designed and made using the technology and metallurgy of the time when they were made and for the ammunition in use back then.

According to the serial number given, it was made in 1916. These guns were designed and made using the technology and metallurgy of the times when they were made and for the ammunition in use then.

They were designed for either black powder or ver early low pressure smokeless powder and lead shot loaded shells.

Are there any other markings on the gun, look on the frame and the barrel(s) both top and bottom. the stamp on the side of the barrell says, "Long Tom" and it has a stamp 12 with a diamond shape with the letter "c" in the middle. I don't or can't remember what the heck I did with it...

Need to know the condition of the gun to make a value guess. on the top of the barrell it says, "genuine armory steal". If I remember correctly I paid about for it at a yardsale. Actually worked pretty well on the first target, but the second shot of a report pair was he//, and don't even think about shooting a double! The diamond shaped mark along with the "Genuine Armory Steel" marking sounds suspiciously like some old Crescent single-shots I've examined in the past.

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Is the gun a single barrel or a double barrel shotgun? What is the exact name marked on the gun (no abbreviations or additions)? sorry, the barrell is 40 inches from end of barrell to the breech. An apparent holdover from black powder days when you could achieve a little extra with more barrel length. Killed my first turkey with it and a bunch of squills.As far as I know, no maker marked the name of a gun on the barrel.All were marked on the left side of the frame/receiver.The serial number is where you describe it, stamped on the bottom tang and the number is A862802. I know it has no value beyond what someone might give me for it for scrap.However, I'm starting to find that, for whatever reason, there's something very sentimental about a shotgun that has been in the family for a while.

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