Tips on dating russian men

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Men and women in Russia have different gender roles when compared with their counterparts in the West. Russian women feel more feminine when they don’t have to worry about making decisions on where to have dinner.They use that part of their brain all day at work or school.

There’s no other way to get around this, and you shouldn’t even attempt it. I have been to Russia on three separate times and from that experience, I believe most can be determined by the eye contact. Maintaining strong eye contact and confident body language is the most powerful way a man can express to a Russian woman that he is a high value man, worth her investment.In America, we need to work hard to show a girl how little we care for them.American women despise strong interest from a man; it considered it weak.Ultimately, you can be much more direct with Russian women than you can with Western women.Simple expressions of interest work well, and there’s no point in beating around the bush and hiding your intentions that you are a sexual, masculine creature.

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