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Truck owners now wanted to have all the appointments in their cabin that make their trucks as enjoyable to drive as they are useful to have.

Ever since the truck market expanded into everyday life and has become as accessible as cars, the idea of having leather in a truck has become a normal factory option right there alongside a locking differential and trailer brake control.

Some of the larger seats have a solid clip that we removed by working it with a screwdriver and separating the two halves.

Then, we slid the cover up to start the removal process. It seems that’s all we were doing, but that’s what it takes to do the job.

Any DIYer can do a few mechanical upgrades to keep an aging truck on the road, and now has the option to update the interior to make the driving experience that much more enjoyable.

Aftermarket kits make it easy and affordable to spruce up the interior of your truck and can be done in a little over a few hours if you know what you are doing.

The front seats have a set of clips that are held down by a rod, and we removed those with a screwdriver so we could loosen up the whole cover.

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Being more than just a slip on that gets bought at a local auto parts store, these kits began to evolve into full replacements for the original leather.

When buying a used truck, the condition of the interior can play just as much a factor as any other mechanical issue and the same goes for keeping a truck when it creeps into higher mileage territory.

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