Updating technology updating technology

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Drivers take a ticket from a machine upon entering and pay at another one, either at a kiosk before they return to their car or by credit card at the exit.

By eliminating the need to staff exits, owners can save thousands of dollars in salaries, benefits and insurance costs.

Owners of older structures often miss out on the benefits of new technologies because they don’t realize that existing garages can be retrofitted with the latest equipment.

While many of these technologies provide advantages to both facility owners and parkers, owners, in particular, benefit from more streamlined parking operations and improved bottom lines.

Parking permit tags and space sensors can be integrated with access and revenue control equipment to permit frequent visitors to quickly and conveniently enter and exit while monitoring which spaces are occupied.

The sensors can be either floor or ceiling mounted; this ground-mounted sensor is solar powered, making it essentially self-operating.

Owners looking to upgrade their parking facilities should start with automated access and revenue control equipment.

One of the most important innovations is the ability of some systems to be integrated with technologies provided by outside technology vendors, such as tag and mobile app developers.As a result, owners and operators can measure how full a garage is from one day to another; which times are peak hours and when there are likely to be many empty spaces; and how long the average parker stays.This invaluable information can help owners and operators develop more effective rate structures and marketing programs.In cities where parking can be difficult to find, this can provide a considerable competitive advantage.Finally, parking space sensors are another modern parking technology that can be added as part of a retrofit.

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