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In fact, they were nude ascetics, Digambaras found practicing Yoga and other exercises.

The Greek gymnasium[13] had very close resemblance with the Jaina Digambara society.

These sounds / sound patterns form different “tantric” patterns, diagrams or designs.

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Here, the sound waves are converted into three dimensional geometrical figures.

As for as Jaina practices of Mantra, Tantra and Yantra are concerned there have been few studies, though a lot of drawings, icons and sculptures are available.

The polemics between Swetambaras and Digambaras had perhaps suppressed the subject matter to be discussed and debated in detail.

The concepts of Sin / Karma, sacrifice / dying (on the cross, just like starving facing north and dying), immaculate conception / virgin birth[9], nunnery and their exclusion and so many other beliefs and systems have been taken from Jainism only.

The Ambika image – mother with child has been an archetype for ‘mother goddess cult’ for other civilizations.

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